Making Graphs

Creating Graph from Given Information

Explaining a Graph

A graph by itself can be useful, but sometimes it is even better if there are a few sentences explaining what the data shown in the graph mean.

A good explanation will include, at least:

  • What the graph is about.

    • you can get this from the title - but write it in your own sentence)

  • What the graph is showing

    • describe in sentences what information is on the graph

  • What patterns or trends there might be

    • is the graph going up or down?

  • What the information means

    • give a summary of the most important piece of information on the graph

Here are two examples of graphs with explanations:

Comparing Graphs

To compare and contrast two things using a Venn diagram, draw two large circles and give each a title.

In the overlapping area, write all the things they have in common.

In the areas outside the overlapping section, write all the things just about that 1 thing.

When you write a summary of your comparison, write:

  • 1-2 sentences about what each thing has alone

  • 2-3 sentences about what they have in common

Here are some examples:

Here's an example of comparing two graphs: