Asking Questions

Asking Questions

Combine words to write a sentence that has to be answered. Put a ? at the end.

A question grid asks you to combine some words in a table with your own, to make some questions.

For example:

Asking Open Questions

There are two types of questions: open and closed.

Closed questions can be answered with 1 or only a few words. Answers to closed questions are limited.


  • What song are you listening to?

  • When is lunch?

  • Who is singing?

  • Where is the concert?

Open questions have longer more meaningful answers based on feelings, thoughts or knowledge. Often open questions start with why or how.


  • Why do we listen to music?

  • Why do some people like classical music?

  • How do people become expert piano players?

  • How does a band get together?

Asking 1 Big Question and Sub-Questions

The 1 big question you ask should be an open-ended question (see above).

You then need to think of 3 questions which will help to answer that 1 big question. They don't have to completely answer it, they just have to help. Here are some examples: