Complete a given experiment

  1. Read all the instructions before you start

  2. If there is any part of the instructions you don't understand, ask another student who might know, if they don't know, ask your parent (if you are at home), or ask your teacher.

Write a science experiment report

Here is an example of a completed science experiment report:

Design experiment

Watch this video:

In a scientific experiment, you are testing a hypothesis.

A hypothesis is your prediction about what will happen.

Think about what you could do to see if your hypothesis is right or not.

Next, what will you need to do your experiment?

You might need to get an adult to help you.

The MOST important thing is to BE SAFE!

Do the experiment then note down if your hypothesis was right. If it was wrong that is totally fine. You still learnt something!

Heaps of experiments in science don't work but we still learn from them.

Take a photo or video of your experiment.

And finally, don't forget to write it all up in your science experiment report: