Communicating visually

Label photo

  • Labelling (or "annotating") a photo means to put labels on it to point something out to the viewer.

  • Use an arrow to point to something interesting in your photo. Then have a next text box explaining what it is. Use a ruler (or device) to make your lines straight and your text boxes rectangular.

  • Make sure you are pointing out something relevant and important! Is the thing you are pointing out to do with the topic or subject you are looking at? Good!


Make information poster

Watch this:

Here is an example of an information poster about energy:

Make instructional video

Follow these steps to make an instructional video:

  1. Determine and get know your audience

Who are you making your video for (pretend it is for other kids in your class)? What kind of videos do they like to watch? How can you make the video interesting for them?

  1. Write a storyboard and script

Plan out your video before you start making it. Use the template below:

3. Get your images together

4. Record your narration

5. Edit it together

6. Make an introduction

Check this video out as well: