mothership reconnection

It's time to finally get Luna back to her mothership.

You know you need energy to power her ship. Luna is jumping up and down with excitement now she knows you can help.

First though, you need to think of some questions about energy.

You still aren't totally sure about which energy to use to get her there...

Ask 1 big question and 3 sub-questions that together would help you answer the 1 big question. The questions need to be about energy. Copy and complete the diagram to structure your answer.

For information about energy read this, watch this or look at these.

For help on how to ask 1 big question and 3 sub-questions go to your Mum's workshop.

Luna is so impressed with how much better at coming up with questions you have got!

She gives your leg a big cuddle. CUTE!

"Need energy for go home..." she says, looking up at you with pleading eyes.

You realise you need to do some experimenting with energy before you know which energy will work best.

Design an experiment that tests some idea from the science of energy.

Take a photo or video of the experiment and also complete a science experiment report for it.

For ideas about what kind of experiment you could design have a look here or here.

Your Dad's lab has some good tips about designing an experiment.

Luna looks on in wonder as you perform your experiment.

Once you are finished, she looks at you and all the work you've done and says "Nuclear!"

She is suggesting that nuclear energy is the right kind to power her ship.

You need to learn a bit more about nuclear energy yourself, so you go into your Mum's workshop, with all its graphs on the wall...

Look at these two graphs about nuclear energy and do a comparison between them.

Copy and complete the Venn diagram, then write a 3-4 sentence summary of your diagram underneath it.

Luna is impressed with your skills.

"Need to shine light at mothership," she squeaks.

"So that they see your little ship and can beam you up, is that why?" you ask.

She nods her little head.

Okay, so you need to find some nuclear energy... that won't be easy!

But first you need to help Luna with this light thing.

"Do you have light in your spaceship?" you say.

"Yes, but me no understand it," she says.

Aha! You need to teach Luna about light, and then she will be able to use the light on her spaceship to alert the mothership.

Make a video that is at least 1 minute long, explaining:

  1. What is light?

  2. What are shadows?

  3. Reflection and refraction

  4. Example(s) of a type of light energy

  5. Any other fun stuff and facts you want to include

Include some of the information from here.

Looking at this poster and these videos might also help you.

For help with making an instructional video check your Dad's lab.

You know your dad has some strange machine in a locked metal cabinet in his lab. You remember him saying to Mum one time, "better keep that nuclear stuff locked up!"

You go to the cabinet. Oh no, not AGAIN! Your dad has put one of those quiz-lock contraptions on the door! Thankfully you have learn so much it will be a breeze!

Complete the quiz below. Keep doing it until you can get 100%.

You will need knowledge to pass the quiz. Get more knowledge in one or more of these ways:

  1. Read texts

  2. Look at posters

  3. Watch videos

Feel free to have the library page open in another tab to help you answer the questions.

When you finish you have to scroll up a bit to see your results...

You take the mini-nuclear reactor out of the locked cabinet.

You lead Luna out of the house, while juggling the torch and the reactor in the other hand.

You walk to the crashed space-ship.

It is almost morning... You can't BELIEVE this whole adventure has taken place in one night!

You give Luna a massive hug. Tears stream down her cute little pink cheeks.

"Thank you, friend." she says in her squeaky little voice.

She climbs into the space-ship. You plug the nuclear reactor into the back of her space-ship.

She closes the hatch and presses some buttons.

The space-ship roars... you run back a few steps.

It makes a loud humming noise, then slowly, very slowly, begins to hover in the air. It's working!
Faster and faster now, the ship flies upwards.

Soon enough, you can't make out the ship in the sky. Luna is gone...

You saved a life by forming an alien alliance, and learnt a few things along the way...