The long-lost extra-terrestrial

You show the star map to Luna. She looks at it closely, moving her long pointy finger over the map, as if looking for something.

You decide you will ask her some open-ended questions about where she is from.

Ask five open-ended questions about Luna...

For help with what open questions are, go to your mum's workshop.

Using hand signals, Luna is able to tell you a few things.

She is from a planetary system many light years from earth. Her community were travelling the galaxy looking for a new planet to colonise. They were hovering in the skies above earth.

Somehow she boarded a small spaceship - the one in the park behind your house - and flew away from the mothership. You can't understand why she did that, but she looks sad about it.

"We need to get you back to your mothership!" you say.

She signals that her spaceship doesn't have power any more.

Power... power... how can we make power?

You know of a kind of electricity that anyone can make, static electricity!

Watch the video below and complete the science experiment report which is below it.

To learn more about static electricity go here.

For an example of what a completed science experiment report looks like, go to your Dad's lab.

Luna fully understands the experiment you show her.

But she shakes her head...

"Not enough power", she says. She's figured out how to speak! Wow, these aliens learn fast!

She leads you into your Mum's workshop. There are heaps of graphs on the walls. She sees one that interests her and points to it.

"What that one mean?" she says.

She thinks the types of energy shown on the graph might help start her spaceship.

Explain the graph below. Write 4-6 sentences explaining what it means.

For help on how to explain graphs look at this bit of your Mum's workshop.

Amount of energy of different types used worldwide 2007-2000 and predicted from 2000-2035

Luna looks pleased when she understands that you are trying to help her refuel her spaceship.

"Which energy is best?" she asks.

You decide the best way to show her would be by making a poster.

Pick one type of energy and create an A4 information poster (digitally or on paper) about it to show to Luna.

For help with making an information poster check out your Dad's lab.

For some ideas about types of energy, you could use one from the graph above or from this list.

Luna LOOOOOOVES your poster! She is beaming! It is the first time she's looked really happy since you found her.

"Test energy?" she says.

She wants to test out whether or not some kind of energy will work to get her spaceship up and running again.

You know your dad has instructions about how to do experiments in his lab. You go there.

Annoying! He has one of those quiz-locks on the drawer. You need to pass the quiz to continue...

Complete the quiz below. Keep doing it until you can get 100%.

You will need knowledge to pass the quiz. Get more knowledge in one or more of these ways:

  1. Read texts

  2. Look at posters

  3. Watch videos

Feel free to have the library page open in another tab to help you answer the questions.

When you finish you have to scroll up a bit to see your results...

It unlocks!

Go to the third and final challenge!